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What is SafeBeep?

SafeBeep is an innovative mobile application which transforms any Android and iOS smartphone into a lifesaving tool. The application features a complete automatic multi-level alarm and monitoring system, activated against accidents and life threatening situations. SafeBeep is ideal for people who want to protect their loved ones and be informed if they are in danger. The application is downloaded and installed on the smartphone of a “Protected member” and enables them to connect with the Guardian(s) and the rest of the “family” members.

Where can I download the application from?

You can either visit our website at www.safebeep.com and download the application there or access Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

Can the SafeBeep software run on each phone?

SafeBeep is functioning a) on Android smartphones that operate on an OS 6.0 or later versions and b) on all iPhones that operate on an iOS 10.0 or later versions.

Who can be a Guardian?

Anyone who wishes to monitor and protect their loved ones from potential hazardous situations, can become a Guardian. As soon as someone becomes a Guardian and creates a “family” group, all “family” members are Guardians to each other. In case someone does no longer wish to receive alerts by the rest of the “family” members, they can choose the specific setting from the application menu and therefore stop being a Guardian any more.

How can I add a “family” member?

In order to add a family member, you should select that option from the Main menu of the app and fill in all personal info of the member you wish to invite, or alternatively select an entry from your phone contact list. The invited member will then receive a link via SMS to download the app.

How can senior citizens benefit from this application?

SafeBeep can help a senior protected member of your family be independent and secure, since the Guardian(s) are notified in case an emergency situation occurs even when in distance. The senior person should carry their smartphone in a bag around their waist, in a trousers pocket, in the inner pocket of a jacket, or in the pocket of a shirt to ensure protection. The app is also suitable for members suffering from severe diseases such as Alzheimer’s, since it enables constant monitoring and tracking of these members’ location. With SafeBeep, living on your own or being left alone, does not mean being unprotected.

Does SafeBeep drain my phone battery?

Battery consumption is relative to the user’s phone battery capacity and usage of the mobile phone. Due to the fact that SafeBeep is always on alert at the background of the mobile phone software, battery consumption varies below the average percentage of equivalent applications. SafeBeep is also using intelligent algorithms to minimize the impact on battery performance, especially when the user is not moving, stays home or at the office for quite some time. Normal usage of the app will approximately decrease phone battery by 3-5% per hour.

Do I need to turn on the 3G/4G service or enter a Wi-Fi connection to assist the app run properly?

Yes, in order for SafeBeep to work properly you are advised to have both 3G/4G service and Wi-Fi receiver ON. However, in case of emergency, Android devices have these services automatically turned on. For iOS users, they need to turn on these services manually.

Is there any situation where I or any of the protected members of my “family” are not protected by SafeBeep?

The Service is designed to operate within mobile network coverage and uses cellular data and Wi-Fi networks to transmit its data. Therefore, operation of SafeBeep and the Service is conditional and dependent on the relevant mobile network coverage and on the quality and specifications of each relevant network within the area of which shall be used and on the condition and quality of the hardware of each smartphone device in which it is installed and of course in cases where the user has disabled the protection SafeBeep triggers manually.

Can SafeBeep protect me or my “family” members when travelling abroad?

Yes, but you have to make sure that the roaming service is activated.

I want to be protected, but I do not wish to be constantly monitored. How can I manage this?

SafeBeep is by no means a spying application nor does it intend to invade the user’s privacy. Its purpose is not to promote stalking. All users are notified only when something happens to a protected member of their “family”, thus constant monitoring is not necessary. Users can also choose to disable being constantly monitored yet remain protected, by referring to the relevant section inside the application menu. Disabling tracking is also feasible through the SafeBeep site section “Members area”, where you may modify your settings (protection, profile and alarm). By doing this, you do not prevent the application from protecting you – SafeBeep will alert your loved ones in case an emergency occurs.

How do I log off the application?

When you decide to log off the application, choose "log out” from the app menu. By doing this, SafeBeep will stop sending any alert notifications to your family members. Nevertheless, you will keep protecting the other family members by receiving their notification alerts.

What do I need in order to use SafeBeep?

A phone number is necessary for installing SafeBeep and this applies for both the initial user of the app, who is the Administrator of a family group, as well as its members who are invited to join the app. The invited members have to enter their phone number and the verification code they’ve received via SMS to accept the invitation and register successfully.

How can SafeBeep detect body fall?

SafeBeep is technically designed to detect possible emergency situations, relevant to the physical condition of a protected member, such as body fall. To enable this, the user has to carry their phone on them at all times and remain in the fallen position for more than thirty (30) seconds.

How do I activate my Secret Emergency Alarm?

You may activate a SEA by pressing the SEA button on the main screen. Once being activated, this type of alarm enables you to raise an emergency alarm secretly, without touching the phone and being detected by a third party. Bear in mind that the reaction time for each phone varies so you are highly recommended to test this option as soon as you download the app. In this way, you will find out how fast or slowly you need to slide your palm over your phone screen in order to raise the alarm. Also, it is important that the device does not have a case screen cover, in order for the SEA to be functional and should be lying on a horizontal position. If you have an Android smartphone you should switch off the screen of the mobile device, after you have activated the SEA (for iOS devices wait for the phone screen to switch off automatically). Please note that the SEA remains active although the user’s mobile screen is switched off.

In which cases should I use the Secret Emergency Alarm?

This type of alarm was designed to notify of an emergency situation without touching your phone and therefore being noticed. Ideally, the SEA should be activated before going to bed so in case of breaking and entering, any user can secretly notify their Guardian(s).

In which cases does SafeBeep fail to notify of possible alerts?

You need to make sure that your phone is properly placed on you or that its battery hasn’t drained. For example, in the event of body fall, a phone inside a bag that lies on the floor will not provide full protection and thus will not detect the fallen body. In this case, it is important to remember to carry the smartphone in a vertical position in a bag around your waist, in a trousers pocket, or in the inner pocket of a shirt or a jacket and bear in mind that a body fall alert is activated only when the user remains in the fallen position for more than thirty (30) seconds. Another case is while driving, where your phone must be placed either on you or in the rest position inside the car. Unless its battery is drained, the application will instantly send an alarm message to the Guardian(s) in case of a crash, provided that the car speed is over 12km/h. Please note that there will be some occasions where the application will not respond failure according to the way that is presented due to hardware failure. For example if you are located in a place where the GPS signal is very weak or is not available and a trigger is activated through your mobile device, the notification will be sent to your family members, but the location will either be not available or will display the last known position. The GPS operates by connecting your device to a number of overhead satellites and since we are dealing with extremely fast signal that require precise detection, any form of inaccuracy or disturbance on the signal reception or the signal itself can translate to a significant dislocation of your reported position. Consquently environmental factors such as dense trees, steep hillsides, tall buildings or even heavy cloud cover may have a negative impact or even interrupt the transmission of the GPS signal between your device and the satellites. Furthermore, in case there is no or not available mobile coverage or internet connections and you activate a trigger, then SafeBeep will not be able to notify your family members.

How can I change my home location?

You can change your home location by referring to the relevant section inside the application menu. You need to enter the main menu, choose “Edit my profile” and then tap on “Edit location”. You may also edit your home location through the SafeBeep site, in the “Members’ area” section.

How can I create a new “family”?

First, you need to install and run SafeBeep by tapping on the launch icon. Then, you will be asked to log in by entering your phone number. When this procedure is over, tap on “create a new family” and fill in all necessary fields. At the end of the "create new family" procedure you will be asked to invite new members to the family you just created using either your phone contacts or by filling in all the necessary information. The new members will receive a link via SMS to download the app as well as a verification code to sign in.

Can I create more than one “family”?

For now, a SafeBeep account can only be connected with one family group. If you want to create a second family group, while using an existing SafeBeep account, you can register again to SafeBeep by using a different phone number and start the registration process all over again.

How can I change my profile picture?

You can change your profile picture by entering the main menu and choosing the section “Edit my profile”. You can also do this by visiting the SafeBeep official website and refer to the “Members’ area” section.

How can I delete a chat message?

You can delete the messages you have sent or received after chatting with a “family” member by tapping on the “delete” button, located in the “Family chat” section.

How can I cancel an SOS Emergency Alarm?

The application software is designed to provide you with a four (4) – second time frame to cancel any accidental use of an EA, by tapping on “cancel alarm”.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

In case you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by tapping on the link “Forgot password” on the login screen. You will receive a SMS with a link to reset your password. You can also manage this through the SafeBeep site in the “Members’ area” section.

What steps should I follow to install SafeBeep into my smartphone?

If you are an Initial User and the Administrator of your family group, you can download the application from Google Play or the App Store, or you can visit our website at www.safebeep.bg. As soon as the installation is complete, you need to run the app by tapping on the launch icon and then log in by providing a valid phone number. When you have completed this step, you need to start creating your family group, by inviting other members to join your SafeBeep family, through the ""Add a member"" section in the Main Menu of the app. If you are an Invited member, you will receive a SMS by the initial user with a link to download the app. You need to download the app through the link and install it on your smartphone. Then the app will ask for a phone number you wish to use. Enter the phone number where you received the SMS by the initial user, as well as the verification code, in order to register. From that moment on you are a protected member of your SafeBeep family. You can always check and edit, if needed, your personal info already submitted by the initial user. Please, keep in mind that you can use the application from more than one device at the same time. In this case, from any of the devices you can connect with other members of your SafeBeep family, but you will receive alert notifications only on the first device, that you have used to login to the application.")

What does the term “protection type” stand for?

When referring to the term “protection type”, three different categories are mentioned, according to age: a Child is a user until 18 years old, an Adult is a user from 18 to 65 years old and a Senior is a user over 65 years old. Through this categorization, SafeBeep automatically enhances its overall performance and provides optimum protection. When users register for the first time and choose their protection type, the app automatically sets its “factory settings” with values in speed limits and perimeter settings, which each user can modify according to their needs.

How can I edit my profile settings?

You can edit your profile settings by entering the main menu and tapping on “Edit my profile”. Do not forget to save before exiting the profile view to make sure all your current changes are saved.

What kind of changes can I make in the section “Edit my Profile?”

In this section, you may choose your preferred language, add or change your profile picture, as well as the details in your profile. Note that you can also make notifications to your profile settings through the relevant section at the “Member’s area” on the official SafeBeep site. If you are the Guardian of your family, you may also modify the settings of all your protected family members.

What is the function of the “Check – in” feature?

This feature notifies your family members about your current location and sends the relevant info to their smartphones via push notifications. This may be useful at times when one member wants to notify about their location, especially when the “member tracking” trigger is turned off.

How can I chat with my family members?

You start chatting either by entering the main menu or tapping on the relevant icon on the main display screen which appears down on the left. You can send a message to each member individually or to your entire family list by choosing the option “chat to all family members”.

What is the SOS Emergency Alarm? How does it differ from SEA?

The SOS Emergency Alarm is the manual alarm that SafeBeep provides and when it is raised, it sends a notification alarm to the family members who have enabled receiving notifications. This alarm differs from SEA, which enables the user to raise an alarm without touching the phone and thus avoid being noticed.

What does the circle symbolize on the main screen? What does each symbol inside the circle stand for?

The main SafeBeep screen shows the protection triggers that are enabled or disabled according to your settings. The enabled triggers are shown in green and the disabled ones are shown in grey. The application triggers are: Car Accident: SafeBeep is able to detect possible involvement in a car accident and notifies the Guardian(s) of the location, the status, the distance to cover and the time needed to reach the protected member. After the alert is raised, the system provides every 60 seconds a continuous, automatic update of this member’s location. Member Tracking: SafeBeep can monitor and update every 4 minutes all protected members’ position on a map. This trigger can be deactivated depending on each member’s own will, yet still provides protection. Safety Perimeter breach: SafeBeep is designed to detect possible breach of the safety perimeter around a designated area. This trigger is particularly helpful to senior members who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or prevent young children and adults from possible abduction. Following the alert, the system starts a continuous and automatic update of the user’s location on the map. Body fall: SafeBeep can sense both the impact of the fall and the orientation of the falling body of a protected member. This function is very helpful, especially for the elderly. An alert is instantly sent to the “family” members indicating the location of the member who fell on the map as well as the position of their body. After the alert is raised, the system sends a constant, automatic signal that is updated every 60 seconds. Speed limit violation: SafeBeep may also detect possible violation of the speed limit, which is originally set by the application software, and alerts the Guardian(s).
Users can edit and adjust these triggers in “My settings”, a section that is found inside the application main menu or they can visit the “Members’ area” on SafeBeep official website. If you press each icon on the main display screen of the app, you will see an explanation for it (this feature applies to smartphones only).

What happens when a “family” member faces an incident?

If a protected member is faced with an incident, e.g. a car accident or body fall, raises a SEA or an EA there is a notification message on the notifying family members. Any family member who receives this notification may choose to act according to one of the 4 options:

  • Tap on the “location” icon to see the current position of the specific member
  • Tap on the “daily activity” icon to view the course of action of this member until the time of the alert was sent
  • Tap on “Take me there” to see which route to follow to reach the location of this member and
  • Tap on “Call” in order to contact the member who raised the alarm.

In which languages is SafeBeep available?

SafeBeep is currently available in English and Bulgarian.

If I choose to log off the application would all of my personal data be deleted as well?

No, your personal data is safe as it is stored at the Cloud. By using your mobile number and password you can always re-enter the application. Only your location tracking data is deleted after 30 days, as declared in the Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection Policy for Safebeep.

How can I restore my account if I uninstall the application by mistake?

You can visit the SafeBeep website (www.safebeep.bg) and click on the “Download” section on the top menu, to get the download links, depending on your smartphone type (Android / iPhone). Afterwards, you have to follow the login process to start using the app again.

Can I be part of more than one family with the same phone number?

No, this is not possible. If you want to be part of another family with the same phone number, you have to delete your profile from the current family and then create new family group or join an already existing, after you have received an invitation.

How can I deactivate my SafeBeep subscription?

To request deactivation select the "Delete" option from the menu and confirm the deletion. Make sure you have received a SMS for a registered account deletion request. The account will be deleted before the next charging for the respective mobile number and you will receive a confirmation SMS for deactivation of your subscription. In case you don't receive any of the confirmation SMS please contact us.